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Internet marketing and seo go hand in hand as seo is basically a process to get your website free visitors through placement in the search engines. A fully seoed website or blog can and will make you thousands of dollars a year. The unfortunate part is that it has been made completly unaffordable for years and that is mainly because most people do not understand what seo is, and how easy it really is to properly market a website through search engine optimization. So the so called "seo experts" could charge whatever price they decided to charge and their was no alternative until now .

We have came up with two solutions for our clients. The first is our private marketing / seo community in our members only community you can learn all about internet marketing online and how to properly market and seo your website yourself. You will also learn step by step from the top authoritive seo advisors in the market how to convert your website into a sales driven business. Taking your website from the back of the search engines to the top of page one. This is no course or ebook but a membership to an active community where you will receive answers to all of your online marketing and seo related questions tutorials and stpe by step instructions on how to reach the top of the search engines. Keeping you on top of the competition as the internet changes for years to come. Other websites charge hundreds of dollars a month for this type of service but admittance to our private community is only $200.00 it is a one time payment and you are a member forever.

Secondly we know that some people do not want to bother learning how to properly market their website and they would rather have someone else do it. No problem let us handle all of your internet marketing online and seo for you. Our Affordable seo and marketing plans start at $200.00 a month.

How does seo help you?

The core purpose of search engine marketing is to put your website in a higher position for relevant keywords which will bring you thousands of hits a day.

Lets use pet supplies as an example. Their are 240,000 searches a day for pet supplies. The first website listed for dresses is Petco They average 116482 visitors a day now you take 1 sale for every 100 visits (note this is the national average could be more or less) 1 sale for every 100 visits divided into 116,482 = 16,482.96 sales a month. Lets say they make $2.00 profit a sale that equals up to $22.965.92 a day.

Do the math for yourself, and research seo, what it is and does for your website. A website that gets thousands of visits will sell thousands of products plain and simple. You might say well thats Petco sure they get sales because their is one on every coner but think about this. Their is no , Ebay , or on any corner. In fact ecommerce is growing at 17% annually, to $204 billion this year with the market projected to grow to $300 billion over the next five years. Truth is the internet is still young. Broadband internet is still not available in 25% of the USA . This is the time to start your business if your ever going to do it .

Here's the facts: Before we go any further you need to understand this. Seo has to be done properly and it takes time. Their are many other websites ahead of you so our job is to make your business presence seem like the most important business on the internet. Plain and simple this will in turn get other websites to link to you. Which will also raise your position in the search engines. How do you think all of the big named websites got there in the first place ? Their is only one way proper seo and marketing.

Proper seo is done in 2 parts the onsite Seo which is done on your websites code, and then the offsite Seo which is link building. We will handle all aspects of this for your website turning your webite into a sales machine.

It usually takes about 1-3 months to get your your website listed for some of the smaller keywords. That will bring you anywhere from 50-200 visitors a day. The medium sized keywords that will bring you 200-1000 visits a day should take roughly 3-6 months. The larger keywords can take around 6 months .

It takes time but when seo is done properly you can and will be very successful at this. Their are millions of places online who will promise you that this is simple and you can be a millionaire in a few days. We are not one of those companies.

Some companies charge thousands of dollars to teach you how to apply proper seo techniques to your website. Others will do it for you but charge anywhere from $500.00-$5000.00. The honest truth is seo and marketing is not hard to learn. We offer all of our clients access to our exclusive ecommerce marketing and seo forums even if your not a client of ours but would like to learn how to properly add seo to your website and market your website in an affordable way we can help. Access to our ecommerce community is only $200.00 and this is for a life time membership. Some of our members double and triple their sales within the first couple months. You can be next !

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